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Welcome to economitopia main game page.

Why not start by getting around with the website?

Source code, documentation, etc

You would like to Download the source code. You may like to write me an e-mail aswell.

Now i will leave you with some of a economitopia screenshot:


Contribute to the project

To build the project, download the source code and start editing it, since it's built in C89-style you may want to place all variables in the top of the functions.

Build for windows

To build it you need to run the following code:

gcc -o main.c main

After that, run the main.exe generated, remmeber to put the lang files (eng.txt) along with the executable

Build for MS-DOS

To build an executable for MS-DOS is a bit more hard, download Turbo C, and Turbo C++ then set up all, and make a test file (i.e with a basic function to test that everything is ok).

Then after everything is set up properly compile main.c. Compile it, then place it inside of the Turbo C folder (Not Turbo C++ folder!), and then place the according text files needed to run properly along it. After it make sure Turbo C++ is installed in the TurboC3 folder. Now the game will open the BGI file inside the TurboC3 folder those files are needed for graphical display.

EGI Documentation

Our EGI (Exclusive Graphics Image) documentation contains all things you need to create EGI files. EGI Tutorial

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